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(Mom to Lorelei and Isla)

We are so excited to be a part of I Can Academy! Shaina is an incredible teacher who knows what children need. She is positive, encouraging, and truly believes in each and every child. Any student who becomes a part of this center, will know… “They Can Achieve”!

Ashley Redanz

I have had the privilege to teach with Shaina for 5 years at a full inclusion charter school. She is incredible at what she does and I will be making sure my children Liam (age 7) and Johnny (age 4) have the opportunity to learn at I Can Academy.

Nicole Walker

(Instructional Coach for SVUSD)
I Can Academy is truly what Orange County needs! Shaina was an amazing Instructional Coach for Saddleback Valley and she will continue to rise and support more students at her new venture. She knows what’s best for students and will do what is needed to help them learn!

Samantha Street

(Instructional Assistant)
Shaina is one of the strongest teachers I have worked with. She knows what students need not only academically, but socially and emotionally. I was an instructional assistant in her class for 3 years and with her guidance and support I learned what it takes to be an innovative teacher.

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