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We Believe In Empowering Every Learner To Unlock Their Full Potential.

Unlock Success with I Can Academy – Your Mission Viejo Tutoring Center. Join our tutoring programs taught by local and experienced credentialed teachers. We use content aligned pre assessments to understand your child’s strengths and then set ambitious yet attainable goals to help them achieve grade level success and beyond.

I Can Academy

Meet Our Founder

Shaina DeFusco

Passionate educator, transformative mentor, and a champion for individualized, innovative learning journeys.

About I Can Academy

Empowering Students Through Personalized Learning

As seasoned educators, we not only focus on academic excellence but also instill a lifelong love for learning in our students. Our “I Can” statements reflect our passion for your children’s success.

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I can learn. I can embrace personalized learning and unlock my full potential.
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I can excel. I can strive for academic excellence and achieve greatness.
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I can grow. I can nurture my holistic development and become a well-rounded individual.
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I can contribute. I can contribute to my community and make a positive impact on the world around me.
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I can soar. I can embrace innovation and explore new horizons in my learning journey.

Explore Our Programs

We offer comprehensive programs to support reading, writing, math, social skills, and college readiness.

What sets us apart from other after-school enrichment and tutoring options like KUMON, Mathnasium, and The Tutoring Center is our highly qualified and credentialed teachers, many with advanced degrees and extensive teaching experience, ensure exceptional instruction and support for your child’s academic journey. Moreover our structured program with defined start and end dates, culminating in tangible accomplishments. At I Can Academy, we are committed to building an academic learning center that meets the unique needs of our local community.


Reading Program

Our 8-week reading program delivers explicit instruction and strategic scaffolding for mastery of Common Core State Standards. Individual progress monitoring sets ambitious yet achievable goals. Schedule a consultation for your student’s assessment & customized program.


Writing Program

Aligned with Common Core State Standards, these 8-week sessions cultivate essential writing skills and foster a love for writing. Schedule a consultation for your student’s assessment & customized program.


Math Program

Our comprehensive 8-week Math program fosters your child’s confidence and proficiency in the realm of numbers. Schedule a consultation for your student’s assessment & customized program.


College Prep

This 4-week high school course prepares college-bound students for their post-graduation journey. With the shift away from standardized tests, the course emphasizes building a strong academic profile through volunteer work, teacher relationships, and recommendation letters. Schedule a consultation for your student now.


Our Goal is Your Student’s Success


We are so excited to be a part of I Can Academy! Shaina is an incredible teacher who knows what children need. She is positive, encouraging, and truly believes in each and every child. Any student who becomes a part of this center, will know…They Can Achieve!

— Eryka
(Mom to Lorelei and Isla)



I have had the privilege to teach with Shaina for 5 years at a full inclusion charter school. She is incredible at what she does and I will be making sure my children Liam (age 7) and Johnny (age 4) have the opportunity to learn at I Can Academy.

— Ashley Redanz



I Can Academy is truly what Orange County needs! Shaina was an amazing Instructional Coach for Saddleback Valley and she will continue to rise and support more students at her new venture. She knows what’s best for students and will do what is needed to help them learn!

— Nicole Walker
Instructional Coach for SVUSD



The Measurable Impact of Tutoring


Supplemental instruction produces average increase in a students standardized test scores


Students who are tutored surpass their peers who are not tutored by an astonishing


Tutoring improves reading comprehension 4.4 times the normal rate and word recognition 3.3 times the normal rate


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