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We are currently offering programs to support reading, writing, math, and college readiness. Each program is designed to meet the needs of the individual student at their instruction level.

Our base membership consists of 4 tutoring sessions per month with experienced credentialed teachers. Your student would meet the same day and time each week.

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Tutoring Programs

Explore Our Programs

We offer comprehensive programs to support reading, writing, and math.

What sets us apart from other after-school enrichment and tutoring options like KUMON, Mathnasium, and The Tutoring Center is our structured program with defined start and end dates, culminating in tangible accomplishments. Moreover our highly qualified and credentialed teachers, many with advanced degrees and extensive teaching experience, ensure exceptional instruction and support for your child’s academic journey. At I Can Academy, we are committed to building an academic learning center that meets the unique needs of our local community.

Our Reading Programs

We have created a standards based rigorous curriculum for your child focusing on everything from phonological awareness and phonics to comprehension. We will be doing this through explicit instruction and modeling meta cognitive strategies while implementing different scaffolds to help all students access and master Common Core State Standards. During our sessions we will progress monitor individuals to set ambitious yet attainable goals to increase their ability to access differentiated text and foster a love of reading. Students will support and learn from partners in the same Zone of Proximal Development to access and understand new text.

Our Writing Programs

Our comprehensive writing programs are carefully crafted to nurture a love for writing and develop essential skills. Grounded in the Common Core State Standards, each program focuses on specific genres including narrative, expository, and opinion. Students will practice writing on demand, engage in the publishing process, and enhance their spelling correspondences based on their 1:1 pre-assessment.


Our Math Programs

Our dynamic Math program focuses on building a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills. Whether it’s understanding relationships between numbers, representing and solving addition and subtraction problems, making sense of multi-step problems, or applying math to real-world scenarios, our program is designed to nurture a deep understanding of mathematical practices. Your child will gain confidence and proficiency in the world of numbers!


Our College Prep Programs

Intended for high school students, this course is designed to support college-bound scholars as they plan for life after graduation. Students will explore their own likes and interests and identify related majors and minors. Then, they will learn about the different college options that await them: community college, state colleges, the UCs, and private schools. Since most universities, including Cal State schools and the UCs, no longer require SAT or ACT scores, college-bound scholars need a strong academic resume. Students will learn ways that they can improve their academic resume; they will research local volunteer opportunities, learn about the importance of building positive relationships with their high school teachers, and learn how to approach someone for a letter of recommendation. In the final portion of this course, students will learn about the importance of college entrance essays. They will analyze UC Personal Insight Questions, as well as the most current Common Application essay prompts. Students will learn a process for breaking down the prompts, brainstorming their response, and writing an effective application essay. At the end of the course, each student will write and revise one college-entrance essay.


Is Homework a Challenge?

Struggling with homework can be a challenge for both students and parents alike. Complex assignments, unclear instructions, or difficulty grasping certain concepts can often leave students feeling overwhelmed. At I Can Academy, we understand these challenges and are here to provide the support your child needs. Our experienced educators are equipped to break down complex topics, clarify doubts, and provide personalized guidance to ensure that homework becomes a manageable task. If you’re interested in giving your child the extra support they deserve, simply fill out our contact form. Let’s work together to make homework a stress-free and productive experience for your child.


I can strive for academic excellence and achieve greatness!