Executive Functioning

Executive function is an umbrella term for the complex cognitive processes students use to set goals, plan their time, organize and prioritize, think flexibly, access their working memory, self-monitor, and self check. When students learn to use executive function strategies, they are able to coordinate the various processes required to complete complex academic tasks such as taking notes or writing. When students have executive function weaknesses, they may be unable to produce work that reflects their true potential.

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The training of executive function skills during childhood is crucial for several reasons:


Children with well-developed executive function skills often perform better academically. These skills help them in tasks that involve problem-solving, following instructions, and managing their time effectively.


Executive function skills are essential for social interactions. They enable children to regulate their emotions, understand others’ perspectives, and make thoughtful decisions in social situations.


Children with strong executive function skills are better able to control their impulses and behavior, which can lead to improved self-control and decreased likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors.


These skills enable children to adapt to changes more easily, switch between tasks, and think creatively when faced with challenges.


Executive function skills play a crucial role in daily activities such as organizing school materials and following routines.

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