“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.

– Paul Halmos

At I Can Academy, we understand that active engagement in solving math problems and practicing mathematical concepts is crucial to developing a deep understanding and proficiency in the subject.


Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

We recognize the crucial role that mathematics plays in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Our comprehensive math programs go beyond just numbers and equations – they instill critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and analytical skills that are essential for shaping well-rounded and capable leaders.

In an increasingly data-driven world, mathematical proficiency equips students with the tools to navigate complex challenges and make informed decisions. Whether it’s understanding scientific breakthroughs, grasping economic dynamics, or addressing societal issues, a strong foundation in math is indispensable. With our expert educators, personalized learning approaches, and focus on fostering a love for math, we are committed to guiding your child towards becoming a confident and capable leader.

Math Goal A/1

With Math Goal A/1, your student will build a strong foundation in essential math skills. We focus on Counting & Understanding Numbers, Addition & Subtraction within 10, and fluency within 5. Through our FactWise initiative, students master addition and subtraction facts from levels 1 to 4, enhancing confidence and problem-solving abilities. Join us in fostering both skill development and a love for numbers.

Math Goal 2/3

In Math Goal 2, students master addition and subtraction within 20, achieving fluency within 10, and advancing through FactWise goals 5 to 9. Progressing to Math Goal 3, students tackle addition and subtraction within 100, explore place value strategies up to 1000, and refine fluency up to 20, with an optional FactWise Review. Our program goes beyond numbers, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills, ensuring academic excellence and a lifelong love for math.

Math Goal 4/5

In Math Goal 4, students delve into the intricacies of place value understanding and master addition and subtraction with multi-digit numbers. Progressing to Math Goal 5, they tackle multiplication and division stories within 20, explore arrays, and embark on a rewarding journey through FactWise goals 1 to 4. Join us in cultivating a solid foundation in mathematics that empowers your child for academic success and a future filled with mathematical confidence.

Math Goal 6/7

Ignite your child’s mathematical prowess with our Math Goals 6 and 7. In Math Goal 6, we delve into multiplication and division stories within 100, while tackling FactWise goals 5-8, ensuring mastery of essential math facts. Progressing to Math Goal 7, we navigate multi-digit multiplication and division, equipping your child with advanced problem-solving skills. Join us in this transformative math journey, where understanding and confidence flourish.

Math Goal 8/9

Our Math Goals 8 and 9, is designed to provide a comprehensive grasp of fractions. In Math Goal 8, we delve into the understanding of fractions as numbers, fostering a strong foundation in this critical mathematical concept. Progressing to Math Goal 9, we explore fraction equivalence and comparisons, ensuring your child’s ability to navigate and solve complex fraction-related problems. Join us in this enriching mathematical journey

Math Goal 10/11/12

Discover the power of fractions and decimals with our Math Goals 10, 11, and 12. In Goal 10, master adding and subtracting fractions. Move on to Goal 11 for multiplying and dividing fractions. Then, Goal 12 introduces decimals and their operations. Our skilled educators ensure your child gains essential math skills while building a strong foundation for more complex challenges.

Math Goal ALGEBRA 1

Our comprehensive Algebra 1 program is designed to equip your child with essential mathematical skills. This program delves into the fundamentals of algebraic concepts and problem-solving strategies. Through engaging activities, real-world applications, and expert guidance, students will explore equations, inequalities, functions, and more. Our credentialed educators foster a deep understanding of algebraic principles while nurturing critical thinking and analytical skills.

Math Goal ALGEBRA 2

Our Algebra 2 program is where your child will dive into the exciting realm of advanced algebraic concepts. Guided by our credentialed educators, students will explore topics such as polynomial functions, rational expressions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and more. With a strong emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking, this program aims to equip your child with the mathematical tools needed to excel in higher-level mathematics and beyond.


Dive into the captivating world of geometry with our comprehensive math program. Through engaging activities and hands-on learning, your child will explore the exciting realm of shapes, angles, lines, and spatial relationships. Our geometry curriculum is designed to foster a deep understanding of geometric concepts, while also honing problem-solving skills and spatial reasoning abilities. From basic shapes to more complex concepts, our program guides students through the exploration of symmetry, congruence, area, perimeter, and more. Join us on this geometric journey.

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