“Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader.”

– Margaret Fuller

At I Can Academy, we believe in building tomorrow’s leaders through the power of reading. Join us on this journey and watch your child thrive as a strong reader and future leader.


Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

At I Can Academy, we have an exciting curriculum that helps your child become a strong reader. We focus on important skills like understanding sounds and words (phonological awareness) and understanding what they read (comprehension). Our teachers use clear instructions and smart strategies to support every student’s learning. We also keep track of their progress and encourage them to work together with classmates to improve their reading skills. Our goal is to make sure every student loves reading and achieves their best in a friendly and supportive environment.

Reading Goal 1

Reading Goal 1 focuses on crucial elements such as letter sounds, phonemic awareness, and CVC words, laying a strong foundation for confident and fluent readers.

Reading Goal 2

Reading Goal 2 will help your student confidently navigate CVC words, blends, digraphs, and silent E, propelling your child towards a lifelong love of learning.

Reading Goal 3

With Reading Goal 3, your student will focus on inflected endings, word ending patterns, and fluency building for 1-2 syllable words. Your student will be empowered with essential reading skills for a lifelong love of learning.

Reading Goal 4

Unlock the power of Reading Goal 4 where we focus on multisyllabic word decoding, fluency, and comprehension. Your student will master complex word decoding, enhance fluency, and deepen comprehension skills. Witness their remarkable progress.

Reading Goal 5

Reading Goal 5 will unlock your child’s full reading potential with our fluency and comprehension program. Through targeted instruction and empowering metacognitive strategies, we equip your student with essential skills to understand and analyze texts. Join us on this journey to reading success.

Reading Goal 6

Reading Goal 6 is a dynamic reading program with focused instruction on fluency, comprehension, and metacognitive strategies. Our engaging book club further enriches their love for books and encourages interactive discussions. We empower students to become confident readers and critical thinkers.

Ready to Start Your Student’s

When you choose one of our programs, you’re not just investing in tutoring – you’re investing in your child’s future. Join us in this exciting journey of growth, discovery, and achievement.

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