Writing Program


Aligned with Common Core State Standards, these 8-week sessions cultivate essential writing skills and foster a love for writing. Schedule a consultation after purchase for your student’s assessment and customized program.



The Writing Program at I Can Academy offers a structured and comprehensive approach to writing development. Writing Goal 1 introduces children to CVC words and encourages creative storytelling through inventive spelling. Goals 2 and 3 delve into CVC words, blends, digraphs, and silent E, guiding students through narrative, expository, and opinion writing genres. Writing Goal 4 focuses on multisyllabic word encoding, stamina-building, peer revisions, and prompt analysis across various genres. Writing Goal 5 encompasses creative writing, non-fiction exploration, and effective prompt responses, fostering clarity and confidence in expression. Goals 6, 7, and 8 are designed for middle school students, emphasizing stamina-building, creativity, and effective self-expression through various writing activities and prompts. Join us on this transformative journey, where the power of words becomes a tool for communication and self-expression.

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Please note:  Once you've purchased your program, please schedule a consultation for your student's assessment.  After your assessment is complete, we'll work with you to find a class day and time that works with your schedule.

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