Math Program


Our comprehensive 8-week Math program fosters your child’s confidence and proficiency in the realm of numbers. Schedule a consultation after purchase for your student’s assessment and customized program.



The Math Program at I Can Academy offers a structured and comprehensive approach to mathematics education. Starting with Math Goals A/1, students establish a strong foundation in fundamental math skills, including counting, addition, and subtraction. The FactWise initiative enhances problem-solving abilities and confidence by mastering addition and subtraction facts. As students progress through Math Goals 2 and 3, they tackle more complex arithmetic, delve into place value strategies, and refine fluency. This program fosters critical thinking and a lifelong love for math. Math Goals 4 and 5 introduce multi-digit operations, multiplication, and division, equipping students with essential mathematical skills. Goals 6 and 7 delve into advanced multiplication and division, ensuring mastery of essential math facts. Math Goals 8 and 9 comprehensively cover fractions, enhancing problem-solving abilities. Lastly, Goals 10, 11, and 12 focus on fractions, decimals, and algebraic concepts, providing a strong foundation for higher-level mathematics. Join us in this transformative mathematical journey where understanding and confidence flourish, from basic arithmetic to advanced algebra and geometry.