With the stroke of a pen, the writer embarks on a journey of scholarly discovery.

At I Can Academy, we give your writer the tools to initiate a profound journey of discovery, delving into the depths of the mind’s uncharted territory.


Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

Through the art of writing, your student will discover hidden insights, express their brilliance, and embark on an intellectual journey like no other. Not only will your student unearth hidden insights but they will also learn to articulate their brilliance, setting forth on an unparalleled journey of intellectual exploration. Our writing program goes beyond the mere act of putting words on paper – it nurtures critical thinking, cultivates effective communication, and fosters a lifelong love for learning. As they engage in this enriching process, your student will become a proficient writer and a confident and empowered thinker, well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the future.

Writing Goal 1

With Writing Goal 1, your child will master CVC words and delve into the art of storytelling through inventive spelling. Join us on this exciting journey of creativity and expression, and watch your child’s writing skills flourish.

Writing Goal 2

Discover the power of words with Writing Goal 2! With a strong focus on CVC words, blends, digraphs, and silent E, students are guided through narrative, expository, and opinion writing genres. Ignite your child’s journey of self-expression and storytelling!

Writing Goal 3

Your student will explore the art of language with Writing Goal 3. Mastering sound spelling patterns and building encoding skills for 1-2 syllable words, students delve into narrative, expository, and opinion writing genres through quick writes and extended writes. Cultivate your child’s expressive abilities and ignite their passion for communication.

Writing Goal 4

With Writing Goal 4, the focus is on multisyllabic word encoding, stamina-building, peer revisions for enhanced details, and prompt analysis. Join us on this enriching journey, as they conquer various writing genres with flair and creativity.

Writing Goal 5

Writing Goal 5 is an exciting comprehensive program. Building stamina and creativity through creative writing, non-fiction writing, and effective prompt responses, we empower students to express their thoughts with clarity and confidence.

Writing Goal 6

From creative writing to exploring non-fiction topics and crafting responses to thought-provoking prompts, Writing Goal 6 fosters stamina and confidence. Join us on this transformative journey, where every word becomes a powerful tool for self-expression and communication.

Writing Goal 7/8

Writing Goal 7/8 is designed for middle school students to build stamina and foster creativity. Through a variety of creative writing activities and thought-provoking prompts, students will develop strong writing skills and gain the confidence to express themselves effectively.

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When you choose one of our programs, you’re not just investing in tutoring – you’re investing in your child’s future. Join us in this exciting journey of growth, discovery, and achievement.

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